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Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Today is a BIG day. First, it's my birthday, and no matter how many trips around the sun I've made along with my fellow earth dwellers, I always feel at least a little excited when my special day comes around again. Granted, I don't love the number that goes along with it. In fact, for several years I just didn't talk about my age because I was still struggling with all that it implied (especially the capital 'm' word--Mortality). Let's be honest: even if we are super healthy and fit, aging is not for the faint of heart. The arc is never going to go up again. Then one day I realized that there is an alternative--the infinite dirt nap. So I can choose to live with joy and gratitude that I GET to be alive, or I can focus on the inevitable future outcome, which takes away from the good I can be creating right now.

Second, and far more importantly to me, today is the day I launch my website. (Please visualize rows of hand-clapping emojis here--I am proud of myself!) The fact that my first-ever website goes live--and that you're reading this--is epic for me. Why? One, I did it myself, and anyone who knows me well knows that technology doesn't come easily to me. Two, this is my virtual business card. I am excited to start this new chapter in my professional life, connecting more broadly with the world around me--including you! Three, it is testament to the internal work I have done on myself that I am willing to show up on a potentially global platform and be seen. Certain forms of trauma make this kind of openness feel so risky emotionally. I actually tried to do a version of this 12 years ago, and I just wasn't ready to stand in the light in the way that this requires. But I'm ready now, and I can't wait to get started!

So welcome into my world! I'm excited to meet you. :)

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