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"Laurie is the perfect combination of practical intelligence, keen intuition, and gracious heart.  She has the ability to hone in on the needs of each individual she works with, bringing them on a journey of realistic goal setting and self-discovery."

                                                                                   --Karen Li, MD

Services Offered


Psychotherapy allows clients to go deeper into themselves and their experiences to shed light on and change those patterns that have kept them stuck in one or more areas of life. I provide therapy for individuals (adults or youth down to age 10), couples, or families.

For individual sessions, I can accommodate different meeting locales, including online or by telephone, and for families I prefer to meet in the family's home if possible.  For a limited number of clients, I am available to provide psychotherapy on a concierge retainer basis.

Life Coaching

Life coaching is designed for clients with identified goals in mind who are usually motivated to meet those goals but who need some outside support to do so.  When life coaching, my function is primarily to help identify a clear goal target and the steps for reaching them, to facilitate uncovering and resolving obstacles (whether internal or external), and to offer added motivation and outside accountability as needed.  

Spiritual Direction

As an interfaith spiritual director, I companion clients through an inquiry into some deeper aspect of life, which may include questions about one's meaning or purpose, life transitions, the nature of the universe, and spiritual or religious topics within, across, or beyond faith traditions.  All seekers are welcome; my role is not to direct (the role title is a misnomer), but to hold space for clients who want or need a more structured opportunity to explore what is. 


For those clients who appear to have a constellation of symptoms that loved ones or others are finding difficult to understand and help, I provide in-depth assessments and/or consultations  (including a written report if desired).

In my 25+ years of experience with deeply challenging clients--adults, youth, families--I have found that with the right questions and a truly holistic assessment lens, the root of a client's difficulties are discoverable.  

Clinical Supervision

As a journey-level clinician, I am qualified to provide individual and group supervision for graduate trainees and post-master's clinical interns who are collecting hours towards licensure.  I have the required post-license experience and have taken the supervision course mandated by the BBS to supervise clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, and professional clinical counselors.


Reiki means "universal life force." It is a gentle, hands-on technique for bringing additional energy and relaxation to a client for physical and/or emotional healing.    

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